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About Koyasan

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Famous Products / Souvenirs

Koyasan map Juzuya Shirobe Kasakuni Hamadaya Koyasan Taishido

Famous Products

photoSesame tofu (goma-dofu)
Known as one of the most famous examples of Buddhist vegetarian cuisine that uses no meat or fish. The sesame seeds are mixed with arrowroot flour to create chewy sesame tofu.

The sesame tofu carefully made here using water from a spring in the hills behind. You can choose between wasabi soy flavor or fine grained Japanese sugar (wasanbon) flavor.


photoJapanese confectionary
There are a number of shops selling Japanese confectionary in Koyasan, many of which have facilities for eating on the premises.

TCarries a wide range of seasonal Japanese confectionary and famous products inspired by Koyasan. Free green tea is offered in the shop, so you can stop by to rest after your wanderings.



photoJuzu beads
Juzu beads are worn around the hands when praying in Buddhism. There are a lot of different types, and the bracelet sorts, which can be given to people as souvenirs to wear as accessories.
Shingon 108 Beads Bracelet
A miniature version of a Shingon-style juzu. With elastic through them, the small beads can be used as a bracelet.
These jisuzu bells are popular with overseas visitors, and were once used not only as religious items, but to ward off bears

This shop started out selling juzu beads, but now it carries a wide range of Koyasan souvenirs such as Buddhist items, incense, and food.


Incense refers to fragrance, and provides relaxation from inhaling its perfume. There is a huge range of incense available, in many different shapes, and they make great souvenirs.
Koyasan Taishido

Once you step inside this shop you will be enveloped by the fragrances of high quality incense. Sets of incense are popular as souvenirs.


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