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About Koyasan

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At Koyasan, all visitors from overseas are able to experience a part of the Buddhist religion.

Sutra Copying (Shakyo)
Using a brush and ink, you can copy out one of the most famous sutras of Buddhism, the Heart Sutra, onto Japanese calligraphy paper using Chinese characters. You are able to take the brush you used back home with you, so it will make a perfect souvenir of your trip.
Ajikan is a form of Buddhist meditation. Through meditation, you will feel that you yourself are one with the cosmos, and are receiving energy from it.
Shojin ryori - traditional vegetarian fare
Buddhist cuisine is prepared carefully and painstaking, using the generous bounty of nature. It uses no meat or fish, creating healthy feasts with a delicate, simple yet deep taste.
Staying overnight at Koyasan is done in temples known as shukubo, where you can fully enjoy the attraction of traditional Japanese style. Each morning is the traditional ritual of reciting a sutra in the Main Hall, which you are welcome to take part in.

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