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Traditional Vegetarian Cuisine (Shojin Ryori)精進料理

Photo of Koyasan Shukubo AssociationKoyasan Shukubo Association
Make reservations for Shojin Ryori lunch at a Shukubo temple here.
Photo of SanbouSanbou
Authentic local traditional vegetarian cuisine at a reasonable price, using carefully selected ingredients.
Photo of HanabishiHanabishi
A long-established traditional vegetarian restaurant, offering authentic hospitality that has been served to the Emperor Showa and Empress.

Sesame tofu (goma-dofu)ごま豆腐

Known as one of the most famous examples of Buddhist vegetarian cuisine that uses no meat or fish. The sesame seeds are mixed with arrowroot flour to create chewy sesame tofu.

Photo of HamadayaHamadaya
Specializing in sesame tofu, this shop was established a century ago. Often sold out by midday!
Photo of MorishitaMorishita
Enjoy authentic but reasonably priced sesame tofu, the vacuum-packed keeps for several days.
Photo of KadohamaKadohama
Keeps for several days so is perfect as a souvenir, the aluminium package guarantees quality!

Café & Sweetsカフェ・スイーツ

Photo of FuzenFuzen
Sweet bean paste inside gluten that has yomogi (mugwort) mixed in, the whole wrapped in bamboo leaves: sasamaki-anpu is a springy textured favourite sweet.
Photo of KasakuniKasakuni
みろく石本舗 かさ國
Offering a wide variety of Japanese sweets, including the famous Koyasan sweet, Miroku-ishi.
Photo of Bon On ShyaBon On Shya
Healthful international cuisine and a café, using locally produced vegetables and cereal grains.

Juzu beads数珠・念珠

Photo of Juzuya ShirobeJuzuya Shirobe
Many kinds of Juzu beads and other souvenirs offered in a wooden two-storey copper roofed building that is a Registered National Tangible Cultural Asset.

Juzu beads are worn around the hands when praying in Buddhism. There are a lot of different types, and the bracelet sorts, which can be given to people as souvenirs to wear as accessories.

Shingon 108 Beads Bracelet
A miniature version of a Shingon-style Juzu. With elastic through them, the small beads can be used as a bracelet.


Photo of Koyasan TaishidoKoyasan Taishido
Offering incense locally made in Koyasan. All incense related products are available.

Incense refers to fragrance, and provides relaxation from inhaling its perfume. Huge range of souvenirs are available here, including incense in many different shapes.

Station Shop駅売店

Koyasan Station ShopKoyasan Station Shop

A selection including sesame tofu, the famous Koyasan product, and other items.
If you forgot to buy your souvenirs, don't worry. Many different souvenirs can be bought here.
(Weekdays) 8:30-17:30
(Weekends and Holidays) 8:00-18:00

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