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Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket

On sale at the sales windows of major Nankai Line stations, major sales offices of JTB, KNT Kinki Nippon Tourist, Nippon Travel Agency, and elsewhere.
The Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket provided by Nippon Travel Agency do not come packaged with an outward bound Koya Limited Express ticket.

Convenient and economical, with many attractive features.

Economical! Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket discount rates
(Example) The Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket with an outward bound Koya Limited Express ticket for a departure from Namba costs ¥3,400, and is a big savings over the regular full adult fare of ¥4,220. Additionally, admission fee discount coupons and souvenir discount coupons are included.
Coupons included with Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket
  • Discount two-way boarding ticket from the boarding station to Koyasan Station
  • Free boarding tickets for buses in Koyasan (Nankai Rinkan buses)
  • 20% discount coupons on admission fees
    • 20% discount coupon for the Reihokan Museum
    • 20% discount coupon for the Kondo (Golden Hall)
    • 20% discount coupon for the Konpon Daito (Great Stupa)
    • 20% discount coupon for Kongobu-ji Temple
  • 10% discount for souvenirs
    • Juzuya Shirobei store
    • Nakamoto Meigyokudo
    • Koya Tea Shop Wakyu
  • photo
    Reihokan Museum
  • photo
    Kongobu-ji Temple
  • photo
    Juzuya Shirobei store
  • Timetable [To Koyasan Station] (Monday - Friday)  PDF Download
  • Timetable [To Koyasan Station] (Saturday Sunday Holiday) PDF Download
  • Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket Including Koya Limited Express outward (one-way) express ticket PDF Download
  • Koyasan-World Heritage Ticket PDF Download

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