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Koyasan 2-Day Planned Schedule Package


Buddhist experience

On this tour, you can experience the Buddhist way of life in temple lodging. There are English speaking monks there who will help you.
You will be stayed at famous temple lodging Ekoin which locate near the Okunoin.

Shakyo is the practice of tracing over passages from sutras. Once you have traced the characters onto a thin sheet of paper, the priest burns your paper, which is believed to convey your wishes to the Buddha. Alternatively, you may take your paper with you as a souvenir.
Ajikan Meditation
photoAjikan is a form of Shingon Buddhist meditation which seeks to integrate the practitioner with the Buddha. It was introduced to Japan by the priest, Kukai. You begin by “centering” yourself, then “watch your breath,” gradually allowing yourself to enter into a state of slow, rhythmic breathing and relaxation. This kind of meditation is easy to enter into, so is not only for monks but for lay people too.
Please note that Ajikan meditation starts 4:30 p.m. Thus, you need to arrive at the temple lodging no later than 4:00 p.m.

Shojin ryori - traditional vegetarian cuisine

photoThe Koyasan area has 117 temples, about half of which have lodgings, or shukubo, providing overnight accommodation and meals for visitors. The temples serve traditional shojin ryori cuisine, with some concessions to non-Japanese tastes, for a memorable experience of a Japanese meal.

Transportation tickets

The tour includes a round trip for a regular train (Namba departure), and a 2-day bus pass for Koyasan town. Please note that taking an express train will incur an additional charge.

Audio guide

An audio guide is included, covering numerous Koyasan sightseeing spots, and giving to insights into the history of Koyasan. Available in Japanese, English, French, Chinese, and Korean.

Special requests

Please let us know of any special requests. You can customize your trip by, for example, changing departure times, booking the Tenku tourist train, getting a tour guide, arranging a group tour, and making changes to your meal or room.

What is included
Accommodation (1 dinner, 1 breakfast), Buddhist activities at temple lodging, round trip train ticket (dep. Namba), 2-day bus pass for Koyasan town, audio guide, discount coupons.


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