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Koyasan Package Tour


Stay at temple lodging

photoYou will stay at the Henjokoin Temple lodging. Henjokoin was constructed in 832 A.D. by the famous monk Kobo Daishi Kukai, and contains many national treasures and items deemed important cultural property. Located in the middle of Koyasan town, it gives you easy access to all of Koyasan’s sightseeing spots. You are free to join the monks in their daily morning ritual, and get a taste of real monastic life.

Shojin ryori - traditional vegetarian cuisine

photoThe Koyasan area has 117 temples, about half of which have lodgings, or shukubo, providing overnight accommodation and meals for visitors. The temples serve traditional shojin ryori cuisine, with some concessions to non-Japanese tastes, for a memorable experience of a Japanese meal.

Transportation tickets

The tour includes a round trip for a regular train (Namba departure), and a 2-day bus pass for Koyasan town. Please note that taking an Limited Express will incur an extra charge.

Discount coupons

Discount coupons can be used at Koyasan for entrance fees and when buying souvenirs. A 20 percent discount on the entrance fee is available at: Kongobuji Temple, Kondo, Konpon Daito, and the Reihokan Museum. A 10 percent discount on souvenir purchases is available at: Juzuya-Shirobe, Nakamoto Meigyokudo, and Koya-chaya Wakyu.

Special requests

Please let us know of any special requests. You can customize your trip by, for example, changing departure times, booking the Tenku tourist train, getting a tour guide, arranging a group tour, and making changes to your meal or room.


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